For those of you who plan to coach in the spring and do not have a coaching license, please check the Soccer RI web site for courses available.

The web site is  then go to coaching/courses/registrations 
All coaches in the spring must have the appropriate license to coach

BCI Background Check for Spring:
1) Believe it or not I have had to already start our spring soccer registration process. We must put in our teams to superliga with deposits by Feb 1st.
I have already set up our Data Base on line with SRI. I need everyone who wants to be a coach with the Johnston Lightning for spring soccer to go to the following web site to register so that your background check can be performed by SRI.
Once you have registered please send me an email so that I can follow up on it.
The computer program will nor allow me to assign a coach to a team until this background check has been completed so please register asap. SRI only does this once a week and it then takes a week for them to process it.
If you are coaching on more than one team you must register for each age group.
2) Please remember that the head coach for a  team must  have completed the required coaching class for that specific age group or the computer will not allow me to assign the coach to the team. If you have not taken your class you need to check the SRI website and get registered now. If you do not know how to do this or are not sure if you need to call me.

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